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There, where you can see mountain, sea and rivers, sands and forests facing each other...
Visit Sinemoretz. Have a nice stay in Villa South Beach!


The sea village of Sinemoretz, Bulgaria has a his own unique nature. It is situated in the bigest natural park in the country - called "Strandja", and lies among native sights and protected natural areas such as "Silistar", "Mouth of Veleka River", etc. There comes through tourist routes amidst exotic variety of plants and animals species. And not only all of that. The nature in Strandja is blessed for it combines the sea, the mountain and sun. Everybody who comes to these lands is touched by the richness of Strandja's nature, bows down before the monuments of the ancient culture.

Welcome here, if you wish we can help you to taste the delight of all of that.

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